30 November 2015

Social Butterfly

The silly season has hit with a bang - last week and this coming week are particularly busy at work, after hours and the weekends.  Lots of fun things happening, spending time with my little sweethearts (and my bigger sweethearts) and some sewing.

Mum and I went to see Schools Spectacular on Saturday afternoon - it's always a highlight of our year and once again was such a fabulous show.  Mum will be 88 on Friday.

After the show we visited the babies so I could give them each a package of goodies for December.  ChaCha's Christmas dress isn't quite finished - it will be soon.

Saturday night we were invited to an engagement party.  I was so happy to catch up with family I hadn't seen for ages especially for such a lovely occasion.

Machine embroidered a set of towels for Gabby and Mitch.

Another Stash and Dash bag is on its way to the new owner as a little surprise present.

Yesterday I was back in Sydney with The Schoolgirls - we went to see "Matilda" - loved it, and then had such a lovely time having dinner with my dearest friend Lynell - not often we can say we've been friends for over 55 years.

While I was out socialising Karen quilted two of my quilt tops:

Shortcake - photo borrowed from www.quiltingonthecoast.com.au


Off Track - photo borrowed from www.quiltingonthecoast.com.au
Off Track - photo borrowed from www.quiltingonthecoast.com.au
Having dinner with another dear frient tonight.  Wednesday night I'm going to see Hugh Jackman with friends from work.  I need to find some time to start decorating the house.  Everywhere else is looking very Christmassy - maybe tomorrow night as it will be 1 December.


Helen said...

You are certainly a social butterfly.....a lovely one I must say.
What a great post ....lots of sewing happening. Love the piccie of you and your Mum.

Susan said...

It all sounds wonderful....the sewing, the family and friends, and the outings.......enjoy yourself.

Bev C said...

Hello Lynda,

Say hello to Hugh from me!
Love the little stockings for the Grandies.

Happy days.

Susan Snooks said...

It seems like you won't be home long enough to enjoy your Christmas decorations! Your recent quilt finishes are looking fabulous! Enjoy Hugh! I hear the show was great here in Melbourne! The best I can manage is a shift at the Wiggles on Friday and the basketball on Sunday. Although I am going to a concert on Saturday night! Have a great week Lynda!


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