11 August 2015


Long before the babies were on the way I knitted a couple of outfits just because I liked them.  Not sure if/when they'll fit ChaCha but it was about time I sewed them up and finished them off.

I have a few things underway for Smudgie too that will fit him next winter.

A parcel arrived last week from Helen containing the fabulous Pookie Panda for little Smudgie.  Pookie is so beautiful.

A few rows of the Jelly Rolls Gone Wild Log Cabin quilt are sewn together - it's very colourful.

Three rows to go and I'm thinking of adding a border or two to make it single-bed size.

Had yesterday off work and spent the afternoon with my favourite little people and their parents.


Bev C said...

Hello Lynda,

Your knitting is amazing, you are so talented, the Grandies will look so lovely and snuggly in the outfits. Love the bear, what a lovely gift. Another quilt, you continue to sew such pretty quilts. Little ones are the best people to spend time with.

Happy days.

Sue W ♥ said...

your little knitted outfits are gorgeous, can't wait to see them modelling them. love the colourful Panda and your quilt brings a smile to my face, it's so happy looking :)

marina said...

gorgeous little outfits Lynda, I'm sure little miss cha cha will look adorable in them.
great progress on your jelly roll quilt, interesting the patterns and the way the colours merge together.
great crafting.

Susan said...

Your knitting is amazing, that green outfit is quite gorgeous.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

That is amazing .... You are so cleaver xxxx

Susan Snooks said...

Your knitting is exquisite Lynda! I hope the babies get plenty of wear out of them!

Maria said...

Such gorgeous outfits you knitted. I remember doing the blue suit for my GS1, he is now 24.

Cute Panda!!!

The Jelly Roll Log cabin is very pretty.

Teresa said...

Those knitted outfits are absolutely gorgeous Lynda!!! Love the jelly roll quilt. Helen's panda is so cute xx


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