08 May 2015

Last Night of the Proms

Months ago I received an email from Sydney Symphony Orchestra about the "Last Night of the Proms" concert coming up in early May.  Thought it would be a great Mothers' Day present for Mum so bought tickets and off we went last Saturday.  We had lunch at one of the cafes on the concourse - such a busy, bustling place.

The concert was so wonderful - beautiful music and then lots of audience singing towards the end of the second half, flag-waving, streamers etc.  Loved it.

Following the concert we had dinner with Matt, Elizabeth and our little sweetheart - it was Matt's birthday on Sunday.

Finally got around to sewing the last four "Fireworks" blocks and spent some time arranging and re-arranging the blocks with some help from my friend Amy in Oklahoma - a little more tweaking and I'll be ready to put the quilt top together - can't have two orange-centred blocks next to each other.  These fabics are so bright, they might even glow in the dark!

A little bit of shopping this week from a favourite shop - thinking very carefully about what to make with this lovely stack.

The Best News came yesterday with the safe arrival home of my dear friends Lynell, Darren and Robyn - they were in Nepal when the earthquake struck, trekking within a few kilometres of the epicentre.  They had to walk for days over the most rugged terrain to find an area where a satellite phone worked to be able to get a message out that their group was ok and then to arrange for helicopter evacuation back to Kathmandu.  So wonderful to have a chat with Lynell last night.


helbel19 said...

So glad your friends were safe and sound...... scary for them.

Your night at the proms sounds so wonderful..... I'm envious.
Your blocks look great too.

Lorraine said...

What a wonderful evening out with your Mum! So pleased your friends are home safe and sound.

Maria said...

Such a fabulous outing with Mum and then dinner with your family.
LOL your blocks do look like you could see them in the dark. Lovely.
Beautiful fabrics.
Sew pleased your friends are ok. Very scary time for you all.

marina said...

a great mothers day outing for you and your mum.
lovely blocks added to your design wall collection.
Such a relief to have your friends home safe and sound.
have a great weekend

Bev C said...

Hello Lynda,

happy Mother's Day. The outing with your Mum sounds perfect and to have dinner with family after a real treat. Love your new fabric, more planning and cutting on the agenda. Lovely to hear about your friends, Nepal will never be the same again.

Happy days.

Leanne said...

Such a scarey time for your friends. Glad they home safe and sound.
What a lovely treat for your mum. I'm sure you both had a fabulous time.

Chookyblue...... said...

wow what a treat.........lovely quilt...glad your friends are back safe......


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