05 December 2013

Lots of Photos

Life in Wonderland, along with everywhere else, is busy, busy, busy these days.  New chairs, a couch and cupboard have arrived:


The embroidery machine has been whirring away non-stop stitching out more lace bauble covers:

Fruit for the Christmas cakes is soaking:

Last Saturday Mum and I had a big day - we went to Schools Spectacular in the afternoon (fantastic show) then in the evening we went to a Christmas Party with Michael, Peta and Elizabeth.  Peta works part-time at a shop in Redfern (Seasonal Concepts) - the party theme was Fairyland and it was magical.


Saturday night Elizabeth came home with me to start decorating for Christmas.  Mum and Jenni also popped over so all the Christmas Fairies were put to work:

Mum needed to keep up with the golf
Mum turned 86 yesterday - she's such a bundle of energy - puts me to shame.   Mum's finished masterpiece.

 The Santas have a new spot this year:

Once again "The Wish Quilt" is not finished - no further than it was in 2012 or 2011 - there's always next year.  A bit more to be done in the loungeroom and family room.  Hopefully the decorating will all be finished before the Stitching Girls turn up on Saturday.

Sunday night I went back to Sydney with Elizabeth - we went to see "Show Queens" - the most fabulous fund-raiser for World Aids Day. 


Lorraine said...

great to have your Mum and girls to help with the decorating....it looks fabulous...I have the boxes in from the garage but that is as far as my decorating has gone...hopefully on Sunday I will have some time to get organised...finishing off some gifts for the stitching girls for our gtg on Saturday....a few late nights ahead I think!

Susan said...

So lovely to decorate with your Mum and daughters. Sounds like a fun and busy time. Love the new chairs.

Anonymous said...

Wow Lynda love the decorated xmas tree and your santa corner and boy you sure have been busy.xx

Bec said...

Your house always looks lovely at Christmas. What do you have left to do to the Wish quilt?


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