24 December 2012

Presents and Preparations

These are the beautiful gifts I received last Wednesday from the stitching girls:  iPad cover, fat quarters, candle, ring binder, fabrics from Hawaii, patterns, elephant pin cushion, soap, cute dacshund kit and more.

Our online group, Friends in Stitching, has a mini Advent before we open the main present on Christmas Day.  My lovely partner is Christine and she has sent me the most wonderful gifts.

Day 1:  Something for the tree

Day 2:  Something for the table - the candle smells beautiful - all candles are lit on Christmas Eve

Day 3:  Something for the hands

Day 4:  Something fun - have a good look at the book - it's made from recycled poopaper!

 Day 5:  Something for the tummy - excellent choice - I LOVE lollies (especially jelly beans)

So looking forward to opening the main present tomorrow.

The weekend was pretty much about getting ready for The Big Day and the day after (we always have a crowd for Boxing Day dinner):  housecleaning etc on Saturday, followed by a 50th birthday party; and grocery/fruit/veg shopping yesterday, cooking and then another birthday party.

Elizabeth and Matt arrive this afternoon and I'm looking forward to the Melbourne Carols tonight - always great discussion over the dresses/gowns worn by the singers.



Anonymous said...

lovely gifts Lynda and my DD2 and her family travel from Teesdale near Geelong to go to the Carols in Melb,they do it every year,merry xmas to you and your lovely family.xx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Nice to see you are keeping busy....LOL....love that poopaper....Merry Christmas Lynda to you and your family...have a great couple of days....Peg xx

Roseanne said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

marina said...

lovely gifts Lynda,
I wish you all the very best for Christmas!

Christine said...

So glad you like your gifts, Lynda. Have a wonderful day tomorrow.

Leanne said...

What lovely gifts. Looks like you we're well prepared for the big day.

Anonymous said...

All such lovely gifts


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