16 September 2012


On Friday night Elizabeth and Matt flew to Paris.

Elizabeth and Matt at Sydney Airport
They arrived safe and sound in Paris very early this morning.

After the housework was finished yesterday I cut into my One Bizillion Years BC fabrics to start a custom quilt I've been asked to make.  The dinosaurs have been "bordered" and have been sewn into row.  Next step is to add some fabric to either side of the large dinosaur in the top row.  The stripe fabric for the border is fantastic.  I hope the little one loves all the bright colours and friendly dinosaurs.

We've had a lovely day today - friends came over for lunch - ate too much, as usual.

This going to work is taking a toll on me - so tired each night I can't be bothered doing anything much except sit on the couch for a little while then I fall asleep.  I have been sewing some little hexagons together in my lunch breaks, so that's something positive.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

I am sure they will have a ball...love those dinosaurs .....so bright and happy...think of all those shoes you can buy...LOL xx

De said...

They will have the best time in Paris....Working full time certainly makes us tired.....you can do it though. xoxo

marina said...

gorgeous dinosaurs, the border fabric looks amazing.
Shame we have to work isn't it and it does dig into our crafting time.

Anonymous said...

Lynda my DD2 & SIL get home from Paris tomorrow,they had a ball.that quilt is so cute,i can relate to the tiredness,take care.xx

Leanne said...

What a wonderful place to go for a holiday. My boss is there right now as well amd I'm working full time to look after the shop, so I know just how tired you feel at the end of the day.
Take care.


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