23 September 2012


Had a lovely afternoon yesterday. Karen came to visit and told us all about her new caravan and the adventures she and Bob are planning then I had some time in the garden before going into the sewing room.

I started outline quilting the white hexagons in the Pink Hexagon quilt.

Will take a few quilting sessions to do these hexagons. I've been using the BSR with the foot pedal and it's going quite well. I sewed black/white/grey/red hexies together while watching tv last night. Actually I sat in the sewing room watching "The Pallisers" on DVD because John was watching football. Think I'll put "Seachange" on this afternoon while I'm sewing.

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marina said...

the quilting is looking great. You have been speedy getting your black hexies together!

Vicki said...

Good plan - I sewed Friday night and last night I checked out a heap of things in internet world :)

Anonymous said...

this is so pretty Lynda,well done,how exciting a caravan.xx


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