27 June 2012

Not Quite Civil War Blocks

On Monday evening after work I cut out 5 more Civil War blocks and sewed them up last night.
Yankee Puzzle
Christmas Star
Ohio Star
Port and Starboard
Right Hand of Friendship
I have made 42 of the 53 Civil War blocks and have decided this is enough.  I have left out some of the applique blocks and some blocks requiring templates.  Next step is fix the bottom left-hand point on the last block and to decide how to set the blocks - something simple as there's plenty of variety in the blocks.

On Monday night I also finished off this little cardigan

and it's now in the post to our friend for her new little boy.

Michael's new jumper is also underway and the secret stitching is almost finished.  It was good to spend some time at the machine last night - feels like it's been a while.


Anonymous said...

Lynda i lovel those civil war blocks made in pinks,the blocks look fantastic and what a beautiful knitter you are,well done.xx

Yvette said...

i look forward to seeing what you do with those beautiful blocks.

Vicki said...

Blocks look great, Lynda. The little cardigan is very cute - lots of work in those cable/diamonds. Still haven't made contact with my sewing machine %( That's me rolling my eyes!

De said...

Blocks look excellent and you have been busy again!

Cathy said...

Love your pink Civil War blocks...gorgeous!!

Bev C said...

Hello Linda,

Pink Civil War!!! Just so beautiful,love it. Your idea of making it in Pink certainly makes the quilt more interesting.The little jumper will be appreciated, your knitting is stunning.

Happy days.

Anonymous said...

Love your VERY PINK Civil War.


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