02 January 2011

A Theme Happening Here?

For Christmas 2010 I received quite a few presents featuring Babushka dolls - they are all really lovely.

I was very taken with this present which, surprisingly, is still unopened.

Wil's Mum sent me a photo of Wil in his Christmas t-shirt

and one with his Christmas present (Hey Diddle Diddle quilt made earlier this year)

We had a fun time last night - went to friends' house for dinner with a bunch of people - beautiful food, lovely company.  Towards the end of the evening we played Naughty Secret Santa - a game where each person takes along a present and during the course of the game you have a choice of opening a present from the pile or stealing a present someone else has opened.  Lots of laughs as the game progesses - I came home with a tiger print snuggly blanket (one of those ones that's half dressing gown/half blanket) and John brought home a plastic helmet with holders for a can of drink either side and plastic tubes to enable drinking while wearing the hat.  All the presents were tasteful and chosen with dear friends in mind - I wonder how many will be re-gifted next time we play the game?


Vicki said...

Sounds like lots of fun! :D

teresa said...

I want to play that game... we already have one of those hats I'd like to regift ha ha.. Love your dolls and the photos of William are just gorgeous

helbel19 said...

Great piccies Lynda, hmmmmm what is in the unopened box.


Maria said...

Wil looks great in his shirt and he seems to love his quilt.

sounds like you had a fun night and what great gifts. LOL

Farm Girl said...

Love the theme - those dolls always bring a smile! What a gorgeous wee man.

That game sounds like a lot of fun!

Nicky said...

Will looks so sweet in that T-shirt! (Is all that chocolate gone though?)

Bec said...

Love the babushka doll presents, they are so gorgeous! Wil is cute! The game sounds like lots of fun.


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