13 January 2011

A little bit of sewing

I'm still on holidays and haven't felt like stitching or sewing very much at all.  Headed into the sewing room last week and made the last block in our on-line group's BOM, "Teresa's Pinwheel".  Very appropriate name as the block was chosen by Teresa.  

The second-last block is called "No Name"

All the blocks - this isn't the final lay-out.  I'm almost finished making the quilt top.

Over the last couple of months last year my lunchtime stitching at work has been Rosalie Quinlan's "Little Patchwork Village".  I had three blocks stitched

Christmas Day

Happy Home

For the Birds
and I finished off this one this morning.
Sunday Morning
The fabrics for the surrounding stars are all red and pink; the thread I'm using is DMC 107, variegated lolly pink to cherry red.

Like everyone else in Australia and around the world, we have family and friends whose lives, homes and livelihoods have been threatened by the floods in Queensland.  All our loved ones are safe.  Please visit Toni's blog to find out how to bid on the any of the goodies for sale in the on-line auction or here to make a donation


Vicki said...

My word, you have been a busy little beaver! Blocks look great all together!

gracie said...

The quilt is looking so very nice...and I like the embroidered blocks also...
Keeping all of the Queensland people in my thoughts....

teresa said...

The blocks look fantastic Lynda.. I just love the colours. Also love the stitcheries you've done.. haven't seen this one before... It's really lovely. Have been looking for my mojo lately... hope to get it back soon xx

Cardygirl said...

Lots of lovely blocks & stitching!

Yvette said...

Those blocks are wonderful! I look forward to seeing you make a quilt with them.

Of course you know how much I love those stitchery blocks.

Prayers to all those in Queensland, what a tragedy.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Wow..............Lynda your FIS blocks look fantastic....and so do your house blocks...gee you have been busy.....how are your BG blocks going....LOL>>>>>>

Bev C said...

Hello Lynda,

I love your stitchery blocks. Have you got many more to do?
Have a great weekend.

Bec said...

Your FIS BOM is looking fantastic!
Little Patchwork Village is lovely stitching, what fabrics are you using to make up this quilt?
I have 2 and a bit blocks done for LPV so far, mine are in browns and earthy colours.
THe qld floods are going to have a huge impact on us for a long time yet, those poor people.


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