02 July 2010

Today is ...

... Batman's 28th birthday.  This photo was taken when Michael was 2 - we were having a big wedding anniversary party for Mum and Dad and he wouldn't wear anything but his Batman outfit.

A few years later - asleep on the top bunk.

I've shown the photo before of Michael dressed in his 'A-Team' outfit - he didn't see much of the show when he was little but he loved Mr T and the rest of the guys.  On Sunday we're all going to see the new movie - I hope it lives up to Michael's expectations.

This week's Sylvia's Bridal Sampler block - Contrary Wife or "Lynda's self portrait" as John calls it.  Think we should make "Contrary Husband" next - it is in the SBS book.


Maria said...

Cute photos!! Hope you enjoy the movie.

Bec said...

They grow up far too quickly! Happy Birthday to M!
hehehe had a chuckle over Contrary Wife and John; I am sure there are any number of husbands out there who would say the same!


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