14 May 2010


The new baby is the first grandbaby for our dear friends,  His name is Wil.  I went to visit Wil and his mum at the hospital on Tuesday afernoon - he is a beautiful baby.  Tonight I've made some nighties and a little t-shirt/pants set for him.  It's been such a long time since I've sewn baby clothes - I used a very old Knitwit pattern.

Tomorrow I hope to have some time to start making a couple of Melly & Me soft toys for him.  Jenni and I bought this fabric the other day for one of them; we think it's very cute.

One of my friends from work has taken up roller derby and tomorrow night is her first at-home bout.  John and I have tickets - should be a fun way for us to spend Saturday night.  I remember seeing roller derby on tv when I was a child but I think it's evolved somewhat since the 60's.
This is the latest block in our on-line group's BOM - Virginia:

The block was a good challenge with set-in seams.  All the blocks so far:


Yvette said...

Roller Derby is making a comeback I guess, they are starting to have it here too. I remember wanting to be a skater on the local team when I grew up. LOL

Cute baby clothes, I really love the happy face fabric.

The blocks are great!! I avoid set in seams like the plague. LOL

Maria said...

I participated in a local roller derby ONCE and it was scary.
Will be fun to watch.

Love your sweet baby clothes you made for Wil.Can't wait to see his soft toy out of the great fabric.

Your blocks are lovely

Vicki said...

I remember doing Knitwit classes when I lived in Launceston - had a whole wardrobe of knit fabrics for a couple of years there when i was first married! Still use the techniques for doing lots of things. Wil is a lucky little baby!

lifeinredshoes said...

The baby clothes are so cute and sweet of you to make.
Roller Derby, perhaps that could be my next big adventure;)
And your quilt blocks...girl, you have skills!

Mary Ann said...

What sweet baby clothes!!
You did a great job!!!
Roller-derby...I can't even remember the last time I heard that term!! LOL!!
I must be getting old!
Enjoy your weekend!!!

Sarah said...

Your blocks are looking great together Lynda!

Bec said...

WOW, your blocks are looking great Lynda! The baby clothes are looking fantastic, what a fabulous job you have done on them!


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