30 September 2009

Lego for Grown-Ups

This box came home with me after an expedition to Ikea a couple of weeks ago.

Michael was visiting yesterday and I asked him if he felt like playing with Lego or doing a large puzzle - being The Good Son, he said yes and his younger sister offered to be the site supervisor/project manager. So we put on an excellent music dvd ("The Last Waltz" - The Band) and the building began.
Here it is all together with no leftover bits (which amazed all of us).
The chest of drawers will be used for fabric storage when I get around to sorting out the sewing room (again)
and also as a cutting table because it's an excellent height for me.


Lucky-1 said...

Good on ya Michael.

Mary Ann said...

Ooooh, a trip to Ikea!!!
Love those shopping trips!!!
Great work, Michael and great supervising by your DD!!
BTW, I love your Leanne's House on the back wall, Lynda!!!
Hugs, MA

Suzi-q said...

very nice,love the clean lines of Ikea furniture

alda said...

ikea ;-))) simply the best.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Very nice...what a lovely son...you have been in my thoughts..Peg

lifeinredshoes said...

Please keep posting about how this works for you, I have an Ikea near me :)

Leanne said...

Well done no left over bits is always good. This made me laugh "younger sister offered to be the site supervisor/project manager" my daughter holds this position all the time at our house.

Yvette said...

OOOH, I love the quilt hanging up. What pattern is that?

Cabinet is great! I need to hit Ikea for some closet storage ideas.

Cathy said...

Love that cabinet and love Ikea!!! That will be so nice to store your fabric.


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