09 September 2009


The label for "Sweet Pea's Quilt" is finished and stitched onto the quilt (I've blocked out the message).
Tonight Jenni took the quilt home so Ian can give it to his sister for when Baby Emily is released from hospital.
It's amazing what's lying around in the sewing room - I haven't stitched any of the "Noah's Ark" blocks for months and months. Over the last week I've been stitching Noah at lunchtime and also this month's Christmas project, which should be finished shortly.
Mum and I are going on a road trip this coming weekend. My great-nephew, Levi, Mum's only great-grandchild, turns 1 on Monday, so we're off to spend the weekend with him and all his extended family.

1 comment:

Leanne said...

Great label. I do love that quilt.


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