04 June 2009

A Day at Work

This was not a typical day for me - I am an office-dweller. Yesterday Tammy and I had an opportunity to go up No 5 Blast Furnace - up to almost the top of the blast furnace in a rickety wire-cage lift then many stairs to climb. We were able to see inside the blast furnace. The photo was taken around where the stairclimbing started. The reline is such a huge undertaking - massive amount of work being done in such a short timespan.

Felt a bit like the Michelin Man with my coat under the safety vest - very windy and cold up there.

Sydney Quilt Show = 6 sleeps
Queensland = 7 sleeps


Suzi-q said...

Only one word for this....scary!

clare's craftroom said...

I agree , scary but very exciting too .

Sarah said...

You dare devil you!! You have never been before??
x Sarah


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