14 December 2008

Nativities and Precious Artworks

Our first Nativity was coloured in by Jenni at pre-school (about 16 years ago), then she decided it should be mounted and she chose (the very traditional) pink laser cardboard for John to draw up the stable shape.

My dear friend, Barbara, bought me this Nativity teapot for Christmas 1998. The colours are really lovely. The teapot is well used each Christmas.

We bought this nativity in the post-Christmas sales 2002 - loved it as soon as I saw it - all the clothing is slightly stiffened fabric, the figurines are porcelain and the trees and backdrop are metal.
The following Christmas Mum turned up with these porcelain figurines for us and John whipped up the stables from wood off-cuts and glued the shavings/sawdust to the floor.

Made Nancy Halvorsen's "Joy to the World" during 2006 and finished the quilting in 2007.

I found these little cute guys in Launceston on the first day of our Tassie holiday last year and bought the Jim Shore stable in the post-Christmas sales in January (thought it was a lucky find).
I've bought a couple of other nativities as presents for friends and think I have a spot for one more in our house.

This swag of Christmas decorations in the family room is my favourite of all our Christmas goodies - all the pre-school artwork of our three children.

This year's Christmas cakes - stupid me made double the mixture but forgot to double the flour - had to taste test one and it's actually ok.

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helbel19 said...

They are wonderful Lynda and so many memories to have, like you I love christmas, its a great time for us youngsters to have fun.



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