17 December 2008

Miss Jenni Joy BA

Today was a milestone day - our baby girl, Jenni, graduated from Wollongong University. We are so happy for her and so unbelievably proud of all her achievements. In mid-January Jenni will commence Dip Ed studies so she can become an infants/primary school teacher.

Last Saturday night we went to a Mexican-themed 21st birthday party. I was at the hairdresser that morning and, when John came to pick me up, he persuaded the hairdresser to dye his moustache black for the party. Couldn't believe she used a permanent dye! Thought I was going to pop a foo-foo valve. So, that explains John's El-Gringo look in the photo.
Monday afternoon I arrived home from work to find a box waiting on our verandah table. I wasn't expecting any mail so this was pretty exciting. Ripped it open and found it full of presents - one for each day 15-26 December. I'm very lucky to have such a fantastic friend.


clare said...

Congratulations to your girl Jenni and enjoy all your advent gifts .
Clare's Craftroom

Chookyblue...... said...

Congrats to Jenni........well done......one proud Mum.......

Suzi-q said...

Congratulations to Jenni all the best for a happy future

helbel19 said...

Fabulous Lynda you should be proud, congratulations to Jenni too and John looks very dapper with the black moustache.

Lucky girl.... pressies.


Jan said...

You and John must be so proud, Linda, and I bet Jenni is relieved as well as proud! Good luck to her in the future and I hope you all have a lovely Christmas

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Oh Lynda, how proud you both must be...Congratulions to Jenni that is a wonderful achievement...and all the photos thanks so much for sharing...nice box of treats...and all you Christmas decorations in the previous post...just beautiful.

Robyn said...

Lynda, hello and thanks for popping by my blog!
Congrats to your dear daughter...she looks so happy :O) Yes, you must feel excited and proud of her :o)
Thanks for the well wishes on my hand...so far it's progressing well.
have a wonderful Christmas.
Robyn xx

Sarah said...

LOL!! I laughed so hard - foo foo Valve!! Congrats to Jenni!!
Merry Christmas to you and your family Lynda. I hope you have a wonderful day.
x Sarah
PS: Love your Chrissy deco's!!


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