07 August 2008

Happy Birthday Peta

Our gorgeous, petal punk Peta had a birthday on Tuesday. We love her to bits (and so does Michael) and we're so happy Michael met her and brought her into our family.

Peta and Michael on her birthday in 2005:

At Mum's 80th birthday party last December (wearing my nephews' hats):

With Jenni at Big Day Out - January 2008 - Michael and Peta met at Big Day Out 2002:

Peta is an extremely talented florist and has a fabulous knack for interior decoration. Peta was involved in the David Jones' Spring Floral Display for a few years and the following photos were taken at the September 2006 display:


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Happy Birthday Peta....and those arrangements are just stunning...hope you all have a great weekend celebrating...

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday peta!! Hope you had a fab day xx Love what she had done in the display's

x Sarah

PS: Lynda, you have been nominated for a blog award - pop over to my blog for info!!


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