14 March 2008

This is a Miracle

I have always had a reputation as the most notorious brown fingers and thumbs on the face of the earth. Any plant coming within cooee of our home has committee hari-kari rather than be tormented by me. Just before Chrstmas I bought a packet of strawberry seeds, planted them in an old wheelbarrow and I found this lovely surprise when I was watering the plants this afternoon.
I was thrilled to bits but John is still mighty sceptical about there being any more strawberries.


De said...

From a fellow brown thumb I can so understand why you were thrilled! I really do like plants it just seems that they dont like to be treated as independant and do require some attention!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Well done, I bet you will have so many strawberrys you will be making jam before up know it..

Sarah said...

LOL!! I to can relate to the brown thumb, actually I have been told I have a black one!! I have killed a cactus and, and, wait for it..... an AIR plant!! LOL!!
x Sarah


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