10 January 2008

"Gracie Anne"

Sharon and I had a sewing day on Saturday and each started making "Gracie Anne" a pattern in Homespun No 32 from Annie Smith of Country Keepsakes. Her star arrived in the mail today from Countin' Crows, so now she's finished:


Sarah said...

You have done a beautiful job Lynda!! Would you believe, I have the pole, doll body, underskirt, bells, hair and star all ready - just have to make the dress!! Was only thinking last night, I must finish her as she actually was on my 2007 "to do list"!!!
Sarah x

helbel19 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
helbel19 said...

Well I'll try again, I made so many mistakes that I had to delete, sorry.

Great job Lynda, Annie Smith dolls are nice to make. There is another one I want to make this year and she is also on a pole but can't remember what her name is just at the moment.

Well done.


keslyn said...

Gorgeous job, she is a fun one to make and she certainly makes a statement standing so tall on her pole. We made her this time last year, and I must admit mine still hasn't got hair.


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