24 July 2018

Saggy Baggy Elephant

Around 10 years ago I made a quilt using a "Pokey Little Puppy" cloth-book panel for a dear friend to give to her newborn great-niece.  At the same time I bought a couple of "Saggy Baggy Elephant" cloth-book panels to keep to make a quilt for my friend when she became a Nanna.  Her first grandchild will be born in just over two months

The quilt has been finished for over a month:

but I needed to write on the label (it's always the final, little jobs that hold me up).  This page of the book made a perfect quilt label.

I was able to see my friend over the weekend and give her the quilt.

A few more "Long Time Gone" blocks have been made - I love the colours in these fabrics.  they are so saturated.  Working with such small pieces is a challenge but very enjoyable and satisfying when it all works out.

I have been making the blocks in the order they appear in the pattern book but there are a couple I will leave till the end because they will use up a lot of leftover small pieces.

More "100% Charming" blocks have been made too - these are great for chain piecing.  Many more have been made since the photo was taken and I hope to put the quilt top together over the weekend.

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