05 December 2016

Spool Sampler

On Friday night I looked after Gulliver overnight in Sydney.  I took Spool Sampler with me to stitch down the binding when he went to sleep for the night - think I managed to stitch down one side and turn a corner, so that was pretty good considering how hot it was.  Stitched the rest down on Saturday night.

My Instagram friend, Amy, wanted to make this quilt and asked me to make one too but, being me, I decided to change the design a bit.  So happy with how it's turned out - the original pattern has a plain background block between each sampler spool and I decided to make the quilt larger by adding more sampler spools and a three-fabric-spool between each sampler spool.  I'm not a big fan of lots of plain space.

Love the Baptist Fan quilting (Quilting on the Coast) - another lovely texture and the design doesn't overwhelm the patchwork.


Saturday morning Gulliver and I went out for breakfast,

then hit the shops, bought a few Christmas presents, waved to Santa and he generally had a good time singing very loudly and chatting to anyone who wanted talk to him.  Finished the morning off with a couple of turns on his favourite ride.

He wasn't happy when it was time to leave but soon changed when he saw that his Daddy was home.

Mum had a lovely birthday yesterday - most of the family was there to celebrate with her and we saw the rest at my nephew's engagement party late in the afternoon.  Thankyou to everyone who sent birthday wishes.  Mum's up with the times - has her own Facebook page - I show her what's on it every now and then :)

One little piece of Christmas sewing has been completed - a heart for the Hugs N Kisses swag that hangs in the loungeroom.

Kurt has been around for long enough now.  I've also ordered a little nameplate from Nikki Tervo for the stocking swag.


Chookyblue...... said...

what a gorgeous quilt and I love the quilting too.........

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Love the quilt πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—happy birthday to your mum 😍😍FB that's Awesome...now your little Gulliver what a cutie growing up fast😍😍

Maria said...

Gorgeous Spool Quilt and it has been quilted beautifully too!
What a lovely time spent with Gullivar....such a handsome guy....

Bev C said...

Hello Lynda,

I have been catching up with your post. So many happy times with the little ones. Love that mohair/wool rug you received. I can imagine wrapping up in that. Love the quilts you have finished. Hope your Mum and family have a wonderful time at her Birthday celebration.

Happy days.


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