09 November 2016

Fig Tree Diamonds

The Stitching Girls came over for lunch on Sunday and Karen brought FigTree Diamonds with her.  I sewed the binding on after basketball and spent a couple of nights stitching it down.  This is a pretty big quilt at 97.5" square and has made a bit of dent in my FigTree stash.


I've cut out 2 more quilts:  "Colorway" (I have trouble typing that name without the "u")

and "Cakewalk"

Looking forward to starting Cakewalk - some easy and quick piecing.

"Medley" is progressing.  All the friendship star blocks and few more borders have been added

and I'm slowly working on the flower blocks for the next border - lots of tiny pieces in these blocks.  I wish I had more of the yellow Fig Tree fabrics - they are so lovely.

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