16 December 2015

Almost Ready

Christmas decorating is pretty much done - two little hearts to be made to add to a swag in the loungeroom and that's it.

The Loungeroom:

Family Room:

Christmas Trees:


A couple of parcels have been sent off.  I'm a bit behind with my Christmas sewing.

Sarah quilted Niner for me and it arrived home yesterday

I love this quilting design; will definitely be using it again.

Sarah also sent me a present - a very cute owl that sticks onto my sewing machine via a suction cap.

Jenni wrapped a uteload of presents last night - a huge help.  So much fun having tiny tots to buy for again.


Bev C said...

Hello Lynda,

It is lovely to see the Nativity scenes amongst your Christmas decorations. It is fun when the next generation comes along. I machine embroidered Jude his Christmas hat during the week.

Happy days.

Susan Snooks said...

The owl sewing caddy is very cute! And I daresay, a very handy tool to have around the sewing room!

Sue W ♥ said...

Your home looks gorgeous Lynda, you do a fantastic job


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