28 April 2014

ANZAC Weekend

We've just had another long weekend to remember ANZAC Day.  I noticed on Instagram etc that lots of people baked ANZAC biscuits, me included.

Everyone loves ANZAC biscuits.  Went to a friend's for dinner on Friday night, took along some biscuits and she have me some of her biscuits to bring home.

Spent some of Friday painting and polishing brass.

Still lots happening at the house - exciting stuff, like a new drain that goes all the way to the front of the block.

By the time I get home tonight this old tree should be gone.

Perfect Autumn day today

Will be a relief to know it's not going to topple over in a storm.  There are still plenty of trees on the block.

Some sewing over the weekend.  Finished putting "Pathways and Crossroads" together.  Doesn't take very long when the blocks are so big.

A couple of RicRac's "Work in Progress" bags for presents - this was the pattern that I couldn't find late last month.   I had issues sewing on the binding around the small handle hole - ended up attaching it by hand.

And I brought out one of the bags of blocks I made starting in 2011 - Civil War Sampler (I called it "Not Quite Civil War" because of the colour scheme).

Won't take too long to sew these blocks together.  I have one more bag of blocks - Sylvia's Bridal Sampler - to sew together, then I think I can start something new.  I'm definitely looking forward to having the house back to normal.  Will be a few weeks yet before the repairs are carried out.


Anonymous said...

wow lots happening at your place Lynda,yummy biscuits and love your quilt,hope you have a lovely evening my friend.xx

Patchwork and Play said...

Whether its sewing or house stuff, you are busy, that's for sure! And how wonderful to clear out some of those WIP's in the promise of starting something new!

marina said...

love your little project bags and your civil war sampler looks fantastic. can't wait to see it finished and also to see your sylvia's bridal sampler. What amazing ufo's you have stashed away

helbel19 said...

Wow you have been so busy Lynda, so much done I'm tired just looking at your blog.... lol


Susan said...

You are so busy and inspiring lately!! Lovely shade of blue paint. New drains can be very exciting if it means no more puddles and floods. Fabulous bag pattern, I might have to track that one down, it looks very useful.

Lorraine said...

lots of stuff going on at your place as usual Lynda! I was tempted to make ANZAC biscuits - but knew I would then eat them all - and that wouldn't have been a good thing! I hope the drain does it's job and you don't have any more flooding issues.

Josie said...

It's all busy, busy at your house.
Hope the tree came down without any hitches. Love those little bags and the not quite Civil War quilt is looking great. Now... I fancy a bisuit.. wonder why! :o)


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