24 February 2014

No Sewing

That's right - a weekend without sewing even when the stitching girls came over on Saturday afternoon.

The weekend started off on Friday night - dinner with the Schoolgirls.  Lovely company and delicious dinner.  Always so good to see these girls.

Saturday morning housework before Philip and Tracy came over to do some more work in the yard then they made two trips to the tip.  The Stitching Girls came over later in the afternoon and we spent most of the time chatting.  I did have a play with my quilting sewing machine to make sure the tension is behaving itself but that's the only sewing I did all weekend.  Karen is leaving in 2 weeks for her next jaunt around Australia - 6 months this time.  I will look forward to her return.

Saturday night I started moving/sorting/tidying all the stuff that is stored underneath the quilting frame.  I plan to move the frame to the garage but first need to find a new home for this precious stuff.  It will be lovely to have some free space in the sewing room but I think I'd like a kitchen island or something similar in there eventually.

Sunday we were all working in the yard again and by mid-afternoon Tracy started painting.  I was sanding the front door and sidelights and did a bit of painting - trust me to miss two spots on the door.

No sewing/stitching again last night - it was a big enough effort to watch tv.

A bit of stitching at lunchtime today and the first instalment of "Best Friends Forever" is all stitched.  This fourth block has taken me well over a month to stitch and I haven't been stitching at home so the second instalment blocks are languishing

Not sure how I feel about these stitchery blocks.  The designs are lovely but I find the thought of stitching 32 of these blocks all a bit much.  Maybe I need to sew on some of the surrounds, make a few of the filler blocks and stitch a few together - that might spark up the enthusiasm.

Looking forward to lots of laughs and great entertainment on Thursday night - one of my Christmas presents from my family is to see "Bob, Sweat and Tears" starring The Prince of Polyester, Bob Downe, and they're all coming with me along with dear friend Barbara. 



Lorraine said...

my two least favourite things in the world....gardening and painting - and you did both in one weekend....! Bob Down should be hilarious - enjoy. Good luck with getting the doover shifted...you won't know yourself with all the room it will create.

Susan said...

If you're not sewing,gardening, painting and entertaining are the next best thing. Lovely to see the results taking shape.

marina said...

still a hive of activity at your house.
your bff block looks great, I hope You find your enthusiasm for them again, they are so pretty.
Bob Downe is such a cracker, enjoy your night out!

Anonymous said...

have a wonderful night out Lynda sounds like it will be a lot of fun,boy things are sure happing around your home and its all looking fantastic.xx

Helen said...

Wow so much news there Lynda.... love the stitching too. Oh my goodness Bob is so funny I'm sure you will have a fabulous time.


Maria said...

Lots going on on your yard. Do t you hate it when you miss bits while painting...
Nice to have time with the girls and enjoy your night out..
Stitchery is looking good and just do a bit at a time sew you don't get bored.

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Some weeks are so filled with other tasks that sewing hardly gets a look in. I'm with you on stitchery blocks - I'd find it hard to use the quilt once finished too. I'm sure you'll find a workable solution.


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