05 October 2013

Long Weekend

I can't remember when I last looked forward to a long weekend so much. A bit of tidying up and lots of relaxing today, dinner with friends tonight, shopping with Paula tomorrow and hopefully some sewing on Monday.

My Peg's notebook had a big workout this week.

We've had the biggest week at work starting on Sunday night with a dinner near Luna Park

followed by our symposium in Sydney

View from the Secretary's workstation at MLC Centre
and Wollongong. The last event finished at 2.00 pm yesterday. The admin staff had a little get together and Michael, the project director, handed out thank you gifts.

I was so thrilled to receive these beautiful flowers.

I'm very fortunate to have found this job and the lovely friendly people I spend each day with.

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Susan said...

Wonderful to have a job you love.......and a long weekend helps too. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

how lovely Lynda ,the flowers are gorgeous and love the pics.xx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Great photos and the flowers are lovely.....so nice to be appreciated...enjoy the long weekend...xx

Leanne said...

It only takes the smallest thing to make such a difference.

Lorraine said...

Nice to get a thnk you and the flowers are a bonus....I have been really hanging out for this long weekend and hope to get into the sewing room today....hope you got some stitching done!

Cathy said...

Wow, busy lady.... Weren't you retired a while back? Can you remember that?? He he.


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