29 August 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

That's how life is at this time of year - so much happening at work, weekends at the eisteddfod and not much time for anything else.  No stitching at lunchtimes over the last week or so and very little crossword success.

I have managed to send away my secret sewing - it should arrive at Vicki's place in time for Friday night's opening.

My present from Leanne arrived last week and it's still unopened!  I'll be out on Friday night, so will miss the opening fun.

Last Saturday I went to a baby shower - Kellie, the mum-to-be, had a great time.  I really wanted to make the "Sit Me Up Donut" but didn't have time - I'll try to make that for when the baby is born (due in 4 weeks).  Instead, I machine embroidered a towel set - very cute.

Yesterday John found a photo that's been missing for 9 years - when The Schoolgirls and Jan (my dear friend from UK) went to Melbourne for our "zero" birthday trip, someone kindly took a photo of us all together and it's been missing ever since.  One lovely friend thinks I look younger now - not so sure about that, but she is a fantastic friend!

A couple of weeks ago someone took a photo of the eisteddfod committee - this eisteddfod has been running for 22 years now.  We're hoping to make it to 25 years.

We have a break from the eisteddfod this weekend so will be going to Sydney on Saturday afternoon to visit Elizabeth and Matt and Sunday I might put a quilt on the frame.  That would be wonderful.


Anonymous said...

boy lots going on at your place Lynda,cant wait to see what everyone got,its like xmas,lol.glad your missing pic turned up.xx

marina said...

look forward to seeing what is in those lovely packages. the towels are very cute.
how wonderful that your photo has been found.

Nicole said...

Aw. Love that group photo of all of you!


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