16 May 2013

One Weekend in May ...

... is all about me!  My birthday is always close to Mothers' Day so there's lots of eating, partying and presents.

My birthday was last Friday and lovely friends held a dinner party.  Lesley is a fabulous cook and sets a beautiful table.

Great menu:

First course Choice No 1

First course Choice No 2

Forgot about taking photos of the main course.

Sweets Choice No 1

Sweets Choice No 2

Barbara and I shared sweets so we could have both.  I can't remember ever feeling so full.

I received so many beautiful presents:

One of the presents from my children.

The lovely goodies I received from my Friends in Stitching made by Bec - everything is wonderful.

I am so thrilled to receive one of these pincushions and it's in my favourite colours.

Diann sent a parcel with this box inside.

This is what was inside the box.

What a great idea for a present.  Diann also sent a book, bedsocks, chocolates and a pretty pink shower cap.  Love the card she included:

Can't go wrong with a Village People song.
There's more to come.


Lorraine said...

wow! great gifts great fun and great food ....what better way to celebrate the festival of you!

Anonymous said...

wow is your friend a chef the food on that menu is awesome,how nice to be spoilt like that Lynda and love all your pressies,what a wonderful day.xx

Susan said...

What a lovely night out....she must be a very good cook to offer choices for each course......and such a great title for the dinner. Glad you had such a special birthday.

marina said...

Happy birthday wishes!
what a fabulous meal!
looks absolutely delicious.
lovely gifts too and that card is a hoot.

helbel19 said...

You have had a fantastic birthday and such wonderful pressies.



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