25 April 2013

Lots Happening

Well, I'm hoping that lots will be happening today.

Diann and I have decided to make a quilt each:  Kiss Me designed by Fig Tree & Co.

Today's task was to choose our fabrics:  this was easy for me.  I'm using a "Vintage Modern" jelly roll along with the cream/beige spot for background, pink floral for borders (maybe) and the red spot for binding.

The weekend is for cutting out.

On Tuesday night the stitching girls came over - I put them to work helping me lay out the "Picnic" blocks - my least favourite part of the quilt-making process.

Looks like the girls got the colour placement right first go - there are a few blocks I will need to turn 90 degrees.  It's looking great.  Might sew a few together this morning.

This pretty tub is filled with all the half-square triangle off-cuts - over 1200 pieces of fabric.  One day, maybe, one day I will do something with them.

The girls are coming back this afternoon for a play-date.  Paula will have her first turn on the quilting frame.  Perhaps I should take Sarah's advice and offer Paula a couple of glasses of wine before she starts :)

Rhonda will be making her first bag.  Yesterday at lunchtime I took out my hexagons and decided that the row I was stitching would be the last.  I'm over sewing these particular hexies, so I'll be starting to put my bag together along with Rhonda.

Had a great time last night:  had my usual hairdresser appointment (Adage in Church Street).  Barbara and two other friends were there.  Barbara and I decided to go out for dinner afterwards.  Dinner was so delicious and I had way too much (of course).

"Lest We Forget"

My Dad - WW2
My Grandad - WW1


Anonymous said...

sounds like you are having lots of fun lynda,good on you and enjoy your day with your friends.xx

marina said...

your new project is gorgeous and love the fabric choice. can't believe how quickly those picnic blocks have come together-another great top.
looking forward to seeing your hexie bag come together!
happy stitching.

Cardygirl said...

Beautiful stitching..love your pics...your dad and grandfather look great in their uniforms.

Kylie said...

Yummy Vintage Modern my fav - it will look fab made into that quilt xxx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Big day, great projects.....Handsome men your Dad and Pop....xxx

Lorraine said...

you are busy as always! nice to have friends come and help with the block placement of a new quilt. Love the pics of your Dad and Grandfather!


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