23 February 2013

Responsible Shopping

Some may find it difficult to believe but I don't own a sensible handbag for work. Barbara and I went to Sydney today to go shopping at my favourite shop and the perfect bag was waiting for me and half price.

I love the patent leather bows on the sides.

Another item on my shopping list (I am a list-maker from way back) was a pair of flat black shoes. Found just what I wanted in the same shop.

And just because they were so cute, I had to bring these shoes home too.

I love these shoes and they aren't ridiculously high.

We had a great day out.

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Teresa said...

OMG I love those shoes - you know which ones. You have the best taste when it comes to bags and shoes. I want to go shopping with you again so bad!!!!! xx

De said...

ooohhh those super cute - non-work shoes need a "simply gorgeous shoe bag"!

Great purchases, glad you had a fun day! xoxo

Vicki said...

Nice work there, Lynda ;)

shez said...

wow Lynda i love your buys especially your polka dot shoes.xx

Susan said...

Good to see some balance in your shopping......those non-work shoes are sooooo cute. Maybe you should organise a shopping trip for all of us!


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