09 October 2012

Pink Hexagon Quilt

It's done!  The quilt top has been a WIP for quite some time

Pink Hexagon Quilt, 79-1/2" x 87-1/2"
and it was finished on Sunday night.

I also made some more Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks over the last few days trying to catch up to Diann - she's going great guns with her blocks.

Corn and Beans
Cut Glass Dish
Kansas Troubles
Ocean Waves
I'm missing a photo of Milky Way.  Some of the pieces in these blocks are so tiny and my piecing isn't very accurate - the photos show up too many errors but it's good to "keep it real".  The next lot of blocks to be made will be mainly yellow - there seems to be a lot of turquoise and pink happening and a fair bit of lime green.

49 Blocks so far
I hope to make another 14 or so blocks and then call it quits - I'm not keen on foundation piecing and so many blocks in the quilt are made this way.

Elizabeth and Matt have set their wedding date - 9 February 2013.  Something wonderful to look forward to.


De said...

Love the pink hexagons!

Anonymous said...

that wedding date will come quiet quickly.Boy you are on a roll Lynda lots of lovely projects,love the quilt,well done,xx

Maria said...

The Pink Hexie looks great finished.
Your blocks look good to me..I would have lots of trouble making them

Bev C said...

Hello Lynda,

Ooh that pink hexie quilt looks so lovely Congrats on the finish. Your blocks do look lovely all laid out together, piecing projects are worth it in the end. Not long to the wedding, hope the plans all come together nicely.

Happy days.

Susan said...

Love the hexagons, the quilt looks so good. A wedding date surely requires a special quilt........

Heritage Keepsakes said...

Love the pink hexie,looks gorgeous.

Christine said...

I love your pink hexie quilt, Lynda. I struggle with blocks with little pieces too ... but yours look really good.

Maree: said...

Love your Pink Quilt and your Sampler Blocks look great Lynda.
Great News on the Wedding.

Yvette said...

Your Hexagon quilt is so pretty! I am sure you are happy you finished it.
Love those Sylvia blocks!! So fresh and happy.

Shirley said...

Congratulations on finishing such a pretty hexie quilt. The blocks look good to me.

marina said...

well done on such a fantastic finish!
Great progress on your Sylvia blocks. Amazing all those tiny pieces.
You have achieved a lot over a few days. The blocks look great all together too.

Bec said...

Looking forward to seeing more SBS blocks, I see what you mean about needing some more yellow though I can understand why you would reach for the pinks, turquoise and greens. They are looking fantastic!
The pink hexagon quilt is just divine, so so pretty! I see it in your etsy shop too - some beautiful quilts in there.
Exciting news about a wedding date!


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