29 April 2012

Back to our regular scheduled programming ...

Miserable weather here today after a beautiful couple of days.  Had lunch with The Schoolgirls yesterday at a garden centre in Heathcote - great little cafe.

Excellent cutting out day today.  Background blocks for machine embroidered clown alphabet - these have circles vliesofixed onto the back to cut out tonight while watching 'Waking the Dead' - the cut out circles will be used for another quilt.

Another "Floral Bouquet" - this one in "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Pieces ready to make small bowtie blocks:

Sample Bow Tie Block 4" sq finished
There are over 100 different Fig Tree fabrics in the bow tie blocks - think it's a bit embarrassing to admit that I have so many Fig Tree fabrics.  Some are the very last pieces.

The next instalment of our on-line group's mystery block is together.  Very unsure of the colours I've used but I'll wait till a few more blocks have been made before deciding if anything needs changing.

While Diann was down here we shopped a little bit; we didn't go to one fabric shop but I did visit my favourite shop and this cardigan was 20% off the reduced price, so it was telling me to bring it home.

Back to Sydney tomorrow with my friend, Barbara, to pick up my new glasses and maybe visit Peters of Kensington.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

You have been a busy girl....love the cardy....

Lorraine said...

Oh I am with Peg....you have been busy...and I am LOVE with that cardy...and with 20% off it just had to come home with you...have an awesome week....!!

Anonymous said...

wow lots of lovely projects going on and boy do i love that cardi,what a good buy,its gorgeous.xx

Bev C said...

Hello Linda,

great job on the cutting out. Your cardigan is beautiful. Though I am getting that Rivers add stuck in my head as I type.
Wasn't Waking the Dead good.

Happy days.

John said...

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