22 March 2012

Jenni has been sewing again ...

Peta's hens party will be held on Easter Saturday - high tea with a 20's theme..  Jenni wanted to make herself a dress to wear so searched on Google and found instructions for an original design from the 1920's.  All it involved was squares and rectangles of fabrics attached to a slip/petticoat - brilliant and it looks fabulous on her.

Jenni's dress
Jenni offered to make a dress for Elizabeth and it's well under way.  No pattern - she just cut into the fabric and started pinning on the dressmaker's model.  There is no way I could do this - if I don't have a dressmaking pattern, it doesn't happen.

Elizabeth's dress
In between some more secret sewing, Hot Cross is on the frame ready to quilt

and Pyjama Babies has been pin basted.  I used the "Little Apples" white fabric with tortoises, snails and apples for the backing.

A little while ago I cut out a Schnibble design, "Imagine", from the Schnibbles Two book, using a Little Apples charm pack with two squares of red check added to make up the number of squares required - no blocks are sewn together yet.  This is such a cute fabric range.

A couple of weeks ago Nicole from Sister's Choice Quilts, wrote a blog post about how much trouble some shops go to when sending out a parcel of fabric and what a difference it makes to how, as a shopper, you feel about the shop and what you've purchased.  I received this parcel last week - fabric I ordered wrapped in white polka dot cellophane with a free fat quarter on top and all tied in hot pink and black polka dot ribbon - delightful!

I have no affiliation with the shop - was just tickled pink with the parcel.


Vicki said...

What a clever girl she is!! I can't do that either, but I wish I could, that's for sure. Imagine how much money I could save on patterns, hehehehe
Lovely parcel - make a huge difference when it comes with its own identity. You'll order from there again, no doubt!

Bec said...

Very clever is Jenni with her dressmaking!
Yes, how shops send out parcels does make a difference to me, when they lavish time and care on the parcels it brings a smile to my face, and stops me from just ripping into the parcel! I feel dissapointed when the order is just shoved in a parcel bag and not wrapped in paper or put in a plastic bag at least.
The grey baby quilt is coming along beautifully. Love the schnibbles quilt! Just gorgeous!


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