21 September 2011

Busy Time of the Year

Lots happening at our place this month.

This gorgeous girl turned 24 on 2nd September

This gorgeous girl is 32 today:

The eisteddfod where John and I volunteered over the previous 8 weekends finished last weekend; we are going to Sydney tonight for dinner with the Birthday Girl; tomorrow John is going to Sydney to help Michael and Peta move house; we are attending a wedding on Saturday and on Sunday will go back to Sydney to help finalise the move.

Floral Bouquet is quilted and the binding is ready to be sewn down.  Whirlygig is finally on the quilting frame but not much progress made lately.  Lots of knitting in the car on the trips to/from Sydney.

Spring on the South Coast is so beautiful this year, except for the huge wind that hit us yesterday afternoon.  Magical day today.


De said...

Happy Birthday to your gorgeous girls. You have a busy few days ahead by the sounds of it! Enjoy them all. xoxo

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Your girls are just so gorgeous Lynda....


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