25 August 2011

Floral Bouquet

My dear friend, Diann, has been to visit - we had such a lovely time together during her too short stay.  After I collected Diann from the airport we headed into the city to meet up quickly with Peta (who had to work that day), have lunch with Elizabeth and we had a good look around the refurbished Centre Point and also visited Queen Victoria Building (may have found myself something to wear to Michael and Peta's wedding).

We then went to see "Jersey Boys" - what a fabulous show; sensational singing and a great story.

Monday was a busy day:  baking in the morning, lunch with Mum, sock-knitting lesson for Diann (on four needles) and then the friends started arriving for dinner.  Jenni joined us for dinner too.

Shortly after dinner, the stitching girls came over for the evening and we had a show and tell of our Floral Bouquet quilts.  Earlier this year Diann and I decided to make this quilt and I asked the stitching girls if they wanted to join in too.

Paula's pretty and fresh quilt top is almost together.

Diann's quilt top, in Aviary with a few added fabrics from her stash, is ready to be quilted, after which she will scallop the outer border. 

My quilt top, in Fig Tree fabrics, is ready to be quilted when I have a free weekend or two.

Sharon's wins second prize - she is about 2/3 through quilting.  Her quilt is very pretty - she's added an embroidered vine along the caramel sashing and also pearls at the centre top of each flower.  The fabrics in the flowers are all from her stash.

AND THE WINNER IS KAREN - Karen's beautiful quilt, made in a Sandy Gervais range, is quilted, bound and labelled!  It looks fabulous.

I'll take some closer photos soon to show the detail in Sharon's quilt and also Karen's lovely quilting.  It was a shame Rhonda couldn't join us this time - her batik quilt top looks great.

Tuesday morning came and we drove back to Sydney to go shopping at Peter's of Kensington (had lunch there too - delicious).  Too soon it was time to go to the airport for Diann to catch her flight home.

Back at work yesterday and today but I'm having tomorrow off to take Mum to Goulburn - my nephew has his attestation ceremony (passing out parade) at the NSW Police Academy.  We are all so proud of him.

It's been a great week so far.


Lorraine said...

wondered how you and Diann were going....glad you had a great time...sounds like you didn't waste a minute of it!

gracie said...

the quilts are lovely...

Maria said...

So nice to have your friends come for a visit. All the quilts are beautiful BUT i do love brights.

Yvette said...

How fun to see everyone's quilts. They are all beautiful, I can't pick a favorite. I am so glad you enjoyed yourself.

Bec said...

They all look fantastic! All a little different too, which is great!
Have you seen each others quilts since you started or was this the first time?
I have only just started to quilt my FB, should have some pictures soon.


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