24 November 2009

Getting There

On Sunday I quilted the Bright Scrappy Spiderweb quilt - this is a view of a little part of the backing.  The thread is actually variegated blue.  Just waiting for some more of the binding fabric to arrive and I can finish the quilt - will post a photo of the whole quilt then (hopefully an in focus photo - I've been using John's digital slr camera and haven't worked it out properly yet).

Another "Sweet Pea's Quilt" block is finished.
And this is what I started last night -  "Poky Little Puppy" - just so cute.  The pattern is a freebie available here.  I came across this pattern and the fabrics a couple of months ago and showed my dear friend, Barbara, who became a great-auntie in August.  Turns out this story was the all-time favourite of the baby's dad and Barbara asked me to buy some fabrics and make the quilt for the new baby.  As the baby is a little girl we decided to change some of the colours/fabrics to make it a little prettier.

John had a wonderful time on his weekend away - 30 motorbikes riding through the Snowy Mountains into Victoria, ever-changing weather conditions, over 2,000 kms.  On Friday night Mum and I went to see "The Time Traveller's Wife" - I've had this book beside my bed for over a year now and just haven't been able to concentrate enough to read it (in fact I've read very little this year).  We both enjoyed the movie and I'm hoping that I'll read the book over the holidays.

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I had the Pokey Little Puppy book when I was just a pokey little girl. It was one of those Golden books if I remember correctly and I just loved it. I/we had a big collection of Golden books, sure wish I had kept them, I have no idea what happened to them.


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