26 October 2009

Where would we be without Electricity?

All at the same time yesterday morning:
  • Clothes washing in the washing machine;
  • More clothes drying in the dryer;
  • Music blaring from the computer;
  • Lights on in the house so I could see;
  • Placemats being embroidered on the embroidery machine;

  • I was sewing bright scrappy spiderweb blocks on the sewing machine;
  • The iron was on to press the blocks; and
  • The jug was boiling to make a cup of tea.
Wet, miserable day yesterday and the same today - great weather for a mental health day (if I'd taken one).
All of our children were at home for lunch on Saturday - the best time of the weekend.
No Christmas finish for this month - life in sunny down-town Primbee has interrupted the sewing/stitching schedule.


miss~nance said...

I think we forget how much we rely on thigs like electrcity.

Love your spiderweb quilt.

Hugs & Blessings


Julie said...

you forgot blogging lol :0)

Suzi-q said...

I was waiting for you to say... then the lights went out as I'd blown a fuse :)

Chookyblue...... said...

and when it goes off the only things you can think to do are ones that require it...........
we are so lucky..........

Cathy said...

Your placemats are beautiful and I love the bright happy colors of your quilt blocks. I love it when we're all here together.....doesn't happen enough for me, but thats life with adult children.
Take care,


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