12 November 2008

Some Christmas Shopping

These gorgeous Lakehouse Dry Goods fabrics arrived last week - the cupcakes and bright stripes are for a couple of aprons and oven mitts; the gorgeous pastels are for the "Ruffles 'n' Rows" quilt - this is such a pretty, little girl's quilt. Elizabeth and Matt have a 5 year old niece so it may end up on her bed. Luckily I placed an order before the dollar dived. Another fabric is on backorder so I'm hoping it will arrive soon.

The "Advent Calendar" pockets have been appliqued, sequinned and beaded, ready to be added to the pile of sewing for the weekend.

Elizabeth and Matt will be popping down on Sunday (she is learning to drive so the trip will add lots of k's to her log) - might have to buy some prawns for lunch, especially if the weather if lovely. Perhaps not so much sewing will be done.


Roseanne said...

I love the the fabric that you have brought. Sarah and my self are going shopping on Saturday...

Robyn said...

Hi Lynda! :o)
I wanted to say firstly thanks for popping by my blog and for your kind words...they are appreciated.

Your fabrics are lovely...that was some wise shopping...nice work :o)

I'm glad I found you.
Have a great day.
Robyn xx

Catherine said...

Love your fabrics!! Mmmm Prawns on the barbe...yumm!!! Now that give me an idea for lunch tomorrow!! CAthy


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