17 April 2008

Ebay King

Today is the Ebay King's birthday. Hard to believe I am married to someone so old, but he is aging pretty well. Sharon & Gary and Mum joined John, Jenni and me for dinner. We'll see our other children on Sunday when we go to Sydney for lunch. Birthdays are always extended celebrations at our place. Sharon and Gary bought John some new motorcycle gloves.

This next picture shows John sitting astride his Indian - he put the Indian on Ebay and the auction was finalised on Tuesday. The buyer collected it this afternoon. John dearly wants to buy a new Suzuki bike and the sale of the Indian has provided a huge deposit. I'm hoping against hope that John will now be inspired to sell off the rest of the treasures stored in his little hidey-holes.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

How could he part with such a beautiful old treasure?

Sarah said...

What a relic!! Talking about the bike here LOL!! Dont you just love ebay, I know I do!!
And Happy Birthday to John for the other day xx
x Sarah


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