24 February 2008

Girls' Day Out

Every six weeks or so I have lunch with The Girls; Lynell, Denise and Gail. Denise and I were in kindergarten together, Lynell joined the next year and Gail came along in Year 11 high school. We started having lunch at each others' houses when our babies were small but these days we meet up at various cafes in Sydney/Wollongong/Kiama - two live in southern Sydney and two near Wollongong. Amazing to think that I've been friends with Denise for almost 49 years.

Our lives have taken quite different paths. We all have different interests (basketball, knitting, silver jewellery making, art, patchwork, cross stitch) - none of us are interested in much the same thing except probably theatre (but that varies) and food. We've experienced some unbelievable heartbreak together (one of us more than the others); lots of happy times and laughing. We try to go away for a few days to celebrate major birthdays - the year we turned 40 we had 4 days in Noosa and the year we turned 50 we had 4 days in Melbourne. We're now thinking that we might need to celebrate "5" birthdays as well as the "0" birthdays.

Yesterday 3 of us met for lunch and a wander around the shops in Shellharbour - was a beautiful day with a lovely breeze blowing in off the ocean.

When I arrived home, John was getting ready to go out with some mates and Jenni was about to leave for work so I had a few hours at home alone. Doesn't happen very often. I decided the time had come to sort out the centre block for "Girls' Day Out" - I bought the background and 2 border fabrics plus all the buttons last year and will use stash fabrics for all the appliques. Think I'm going to enjoy this quilt - lots of stitching as well as the appliques.

The rose fabric would have to be up there with my favourite fabrics of all time. My friend Helen sent me a fat quarter of it for my birthday a couple of years ago and since then I'd been trawling the net and every fabric shop I came across to buy some more. In March last year John and I visited his sister and family in Coffs Harbour. I called in at "Hunters and Collectors Barn" and the first thing I saw was a bolt of the rose fabric.

2 sleeps. Yahoo!


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

It sounds like your day was truly lovely, special friends it just makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside...Your 'Girls Day Out Look' looks good...(guess what I've got that one too but I haven't started) I think you may have motivated me...again...Two sleeps I hope you have the bag out...

helbel19 said...

Its lovely that you all have stayed friends over the years and enjoying outings together.

I would love to start the "Girls Day Out" but I think it will have to wait just a little bit longer.

Very nice, what lovely fabric, your friend has great taste. lol


keslyn said...

It sounds like you had a lovely day,we are all blessed to have special friends.
Your block 1 is looking great, looking forward to catching up with everyone tonight, hope I don't forget LOL


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