02 October 2007

Another Long Weekend is Over

Last Tuesday night our dear old Tarago stopped dead in the middle of the road outside the back of our house, just as I was about to back into the driveway. Luckily, after a little rest, it started again but was making some dreadful noises. John parked it and the next day drove it to Tom's garage (our wonderful mechanic). A new radiator, 20 hoses, 40 clamps and umpteem other bits and pieces later, the car will be ready for me to pick up at lunchtime today. The dear car is 17 years old, has 394,000 kms on the clock and this is its first major breakdown. It is a phenomenal car considering the lack of tlc it has received but the time is coming to buy a new car, mainly because there's usually 1 or 2 of us using it these days - will be very sad when the time comes. Comes in very handy when we are all in Sydney and the family is going out together somewhere.

Had a lovely long weekend - Saturday we all went to Sydney to have lunch with Elizabeth for her birthday (couldn't do it on the day because of everyone's work commitments). We had lunch at Coogee Palace Hotel overlooking the ocean - lovely spot. Had to rush home (while listening to Roy & HG's Festival of the Boot Part 1) so that Jenni and Josh could go to work. Just got home in time to see the last 15 minutes of the AFL grand final.

Sunday spent a fair bit of time ironing then sewing, tracing, vliesofixing various items that need to be made before our holiday to Tasmania. Finished off a wallhaning for Prim Treasures Secret Santa. Had dinner at Sharon & Gary's and watched some of the NRL grand final, but Sharon and I preferred to sit and chat sewing, markets, our upcoming holiday etc.

Monday - more ironing and sewing then John, Jenni and I went to see "Hairspray"- FANTASTIC! John Travolta as an extremely large lady in a very tight dress is not a pretty sight but I was hanging out for him/her to start dancing and was not disappointed.

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Sarah said...

17 years old!! It has done very well by the sounds of it!! I havent kept a car longer than 7 years!! Just bought a new car a week ago (well not new, 2004 model), didnt really NEED a new one but we got it at a price we really could not refuse!! Should take some pics and put it in my blog.... maybe.
Looking forward to catching up... finally!!
Sarah xx


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