31 August 2007

Wow! I've arrived in blogland. After much "gentle encouragement" from a couple of dear nameless friends, I've decided jump in - not like me to be stuck for words.

Am looking forward to this weekend very much - tomorrow will be cooking for Jenni's 20th birthday on Sunday, plus Fathers' Day. All the family will be here on Sunday - Elizabeth & Matt, Michael & Peta, Jenni & Josh, Jared (our "fourth child") who's back in Australia after dancing in USA for the last few years, Mum, Oma, John and I. Saturday evening John, Jenni and I are going to see "Men in Tutus" - John is being dragged along really, but we're hoping it will be very funny.

I'm qulting "Polka Dot Girls" at the moment, so will get back to it for a little while before bed.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

WooHoo Lynda!! Welcome to blog land!! Didnt think you would post a message straight away LOL!!
I hope Jenni has a great birthday on Sunday with all the family xx
Looking forward to seeing your PDG all finished :-)


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