07 January 2024

Current Sewing

I have a few quilts on the go at the moment.

Hopscotch designed by Thimble Blossoms

I visited a local quilt show in September and bought a pretty jelly roll.  No idea who the designer is.  Added a few of my stash fabrics.

Jelly Girl designed by Fig Tree & Co

I've used loads of fabrics from my Fig Tree stash for this.  It's a fun quilt to make.

Starlight designed by Thimble Blossoms

This quilt is also made from my Fig Tree stash.  Another fun design.

Also some dressmaking happening.

We've had so much wind and rain over the last couple of months.

One afternoon in November, I heard a huge crack and this is what I found - a big branch had fallen from one of the gum trees in my yard.  Fortunately it didn't land on the house.

I lodged an application with the Council requesting permission to remove the trees.  The inspector came and advised I could remove one but not the tree closest to the house. 

He also said in the letter of approval that there was no evidence of disease, pests etc in the tree when I pointed out this area on a branch overhanging the roof. 

Thursday before Christmas, this is what happened.  That very branch cracked at the mal-formed joint and landed on the roof.

I was very fortunate that the local tree-loppers dropped everything and came to remove the branch the next day - again, no damage.

Now I think I'm finally up-to-date.


Maria said...

Was great catching up on all your posts.
As usual loads of gorgeous quilts, kids sewing and some knitting.
Your home was beautifully decorated for Christmas 🎄.
Lovely to have lots of family time too.
Your were very lucky to have no damage from that big branch falling on the roof.
All the best wishes for the coming year.

Ma Betty said...

I love the jelly roll hexies.
Some councils have a lot to answer for. My council is the same.


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