28 July 2021

Lunchtime Cutting Out

On the days that Gulli isn't here, I've been spending lunchtimes cutting out a couple of quilts.

The first one is "Electrolites" designed by Thimbles and Needles.  The blue fabric arrived earlier this week, so I was keen to make a couple of blocks as I wasn't 100% sure I would like it - very happy with the blue.

The blocks are set on point in the final layout so it appears all my flowers and stripes will be on the diagonal.

I also cut out some trackies for the little ones.  Jenni bought the bright bug fabric for Vincent and there was enough to make him a size 2 tracksuit and a little t-shirt for next summer.

Two European pillow-size shams to go with the Nine Patch Waltz quilt.

The backing arrived last week and I'm hoping to drop the quilt and pillow shams to the quilter in a couple of days.

Last week's "Sampler Spree" colour was Navy.  I have a very limited supply of FigTree navy and didn't want to have too many fabric repeats.

Month 8 "Shine On Sampler" blocks.

"Stripe Me Lucky" is together.  Michelle Mackillop has designed the best border - everything goes together like clockwork.

Close up of the orange-spot used for the background.

Made the final "Sugar Plums" block last night.  I'll add the final corner blocks when the layout is finalised so that there is more variety in the four patches these little squares make.

Latest lunchtime cutting out is "Twin Stars" using up jelly roll and strips leftover from "Nine Patch Waltz".  There is a lot of cutting when making this quilt from jelly roll strips - if I make it again I'll definitely not use a jelly roll.

20 July 2021

Lockdown Week 4

Feels like we've regressed and are back in 2020, except this version of the virus is way more infectious.  The university was closed last week and it was nice to have a week off.  Gulli has been spending some time here and I've enjoyed his company while supervising his homeschooling.

The Riley Blake Block Challenge quilt top is together.  I'm really pleased with how this turned out.  The Challenge contained patterns for 16 blocks - I used 14 because I felt that two didn't suit the on point setting.   The rest of the block patterns came from The Quilters' Cache.

Love this pretty Ella and Ollie FigTree fabric that I bought for the backing.

Last week I sewed the last stitches in the huge "Nine Patch Waltz" quilt top.  Waiting for the backing to arrive then it can be quilted.  I'll be very pleased when this is finished and off to its new home.

I look forward to Thursday mornings to find out the colour for the "Sampler Spree" blocks.  Very happy to be keeping up and using lots of FigTree favourite pieces.  One advantage of working from home is being able to cut out at lunch time.

The main part of my second "Stripe Me Lucky" quilt top and the flying geese for the borders have been made for a few months.  Sewed the flying geese together over the weekend and made the corners last night.  I love this quilt - so bright and happy.   The background is white with a little orange spot.

A little while ago an Instagram friend was selling off her stash - I bought heaps, including a layer cake of "Just Another Walk in the Woods" - I've had a bit more than a metre of the all-over print of this fabric for ages and was so pleased to buy the layer cake.  I'm making Thimble Blossoms' "Sugar Plums" - one block per day.  This is turning out to be so pretty.

Our online trivia is back in full swing and was so enjoyable last night.  I'm very grateful that we live in an age of social media, especially FaceTime.

30 June 2021


 I love this pattern - an opportunity to use so many favourite fabrics no matter the colour or design.  They all look so fun together.

"Think Spring" is a pretty design chosed by Jenny at AngelCake Quilting.  I love this cute backing fabric.

"Another Story" is together and ready to go to the quilter - this was a fun quilt top to make and I was fortunate to be able to swap fabrics with another two quilters so that added more lovely fabrics to the mix.

I think this lovely umbrella fabric will make a beautiful backing for Another Story.

Close up of the background and stripe border fabrics.

"Rainbow Baby" is also ready to go to the quilter.  I've been making a sawtooth star each day for a few weeks (sometimes two) and that has been very enjoyable.

The backing has been cobbled together with some large leftover pieces of this lovely bow fabric.

The final Riley Blake Block Challenge block was published last week.  Because I'm setting these on point, I'm not making the butterfly or heart blocks

and I've made an bunch of extra blocks so that there are enough to make a reasonable sized quilt.

These are the sashings and posts.  I'm using Woodberry Way's setting for her "Chamomile" quilt.

Life is very quiet now we're in lockdown again.  Hopefully it will finish as planned on 9 July and all my friends are going well.

23 June 2021

Summer Days

"Summer Days" was quilted last week and is now on its way to friend who wanted the quilt and she is going to stitch down the binding.  The narrow Churn Dashes are a lovely border for the blocks.  I used Bonnie and Camille fabrics (mainly "Shine On") for this Cotton Way design.

The backing is from Bonnie and Camille's "Early Bird" range - such a gorgeous red.

Jenny, AngelCake Quilting, quilted this so beautifully with Baptist Fans.

The first 10 "Sampler Spree" blocks are finished.  The theme was "blue".  FigTree's cornflower blue is so lovely - I added in a couple of lighter blues and pale aquas for variety.  There will be an "aqua" month but I'll be using teal shades for that one.

Sewed up the last "Sewcialites" block on the weekend.  Purple Kindness provided by Bunny Hill Designs.  The last six blocks together:

A couple of layouts I'm thinking about:

I'm leaning towards the first star.

Saturday was Gulliver's 6th birthday - he had a great time at his party - lots of school friends and cousins at Flip Out (the local trampoline place).

I started sewing some "Another Story" blocks into rows yesterday.  The rows will be moved around a bit before being sewn together.

Last night's video of our littlest family member:

Can't help but smile when I watch this.

17 June 2021

Quilt Top

 Added the final two borders last night and sewed up the backing fabric for "Village".

The backing fabric is designed by Cathy Nordstrom for Andover fabrics - a nice garden for the Village houses.  

Dropping the quilt top and backing off to the quilter this afternoon and picking up "Summer Days".

My "Sampler Spree" book arrived on Tuesday - just in time for the start of the SAL yesterday (Wednesday).  Sorted out a load of FigTree jelly roll strips, scraps, etc last night into bundles of colour in the hope of using as many as possible in the Sampler Spree blocks.

Couldn't help myself - had to make two blocks before going to bed.  The plan is to make 10 blocks per week for 10 week with a specific colour designated to each week.  Week 1 is blue (not navy, teal, aqua etc).  FigTree's "Catalina" range has lots of lovely mid-blue fabrics.  Not sure how I'll go keeping up with 10 blocks/week.

Last week's "Sewcialites" block is Compassion designed by Anne Sutton.  One more block to go and that's the end of this SAL.

Gulliver is turning 6 this weekend - unbelievable how time passes even more quickly now that I'm a Nanna.  Looking forward to spending some time with him and the rest of the family.

16 June 2021

Another Quilt Top

A little while ago I cut out loads of pieces for another "Village" quilt - this pattern is designed by one of my favourite people in the quilting world - Carrie Nelson.  Until a few years ago she published loads of patterns as "Miss Rosie's Pattern Co" and now she works for Moda Fabrics.

Last year this pattern was made available as a free download for people to sew together during the COVID lockdowns.  I made two last year and both have gone to new homes.  The pattern is designed for charm squares but any favourite fabric pieces can be used.

The body of the quilt is now together and top and bottom borders have been added.  Should be able to add the side borders and make the backing tonight.

"Rainbow Baby" is coming along well.  The green and aqua blocks are finished and can be sewn into rows to add to the top half.  I made the first navy block this morning - 5 more to go then 6 grey blocks and this will be ready to go to the quilter.

"Nine Patch Waltz" is almost halfway.  I'll continue on with this when "Village" is together.

Had a very busy weekend - watched basketball on tv on Thursday night (Hawks won), then housework and cooking on Saturday before the second Hawks playoff game (Hawks lost).  Family came for lunch on Sunday and then I went to Symbio Wildlife Park with Elizabeth, Matt and the little ones on Monday before watching the third playoff game on Monday night (Hawks lost).  So, our extra-long basketball season is over.  Don't really care who wins from here.


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