24 September 2018


Sewed the binding on to the "Summertime" quilt last week.

Last Friday Karen quilted "Hey Day".

I picked it up yesterday and sewed on the binding.

The quilt is now on the pile of quilts to have the binding stitched down.

Stitched down the "Summertime" binding last night.

So happy with this quilt - love it.  "Summertime" was designed by Susan Ache (@yardgrl60 on Instagram) for American Patchwork and Quilting.  This is the second quilt I've made from the August issue.  I used FigTree & Co's "Coney Island" fabric for the quilt top and binding and Coriander Quilts' "Sundrops" fabric for the backing.

Karen quilted it with "Ginger Snaps".

Also made a "Swoon 16" block for the Aussie Bonnie and Camille October block swap.

All of the "O Happy Day" blocks have been made and are laid out on the spare bed ready to be sewn together.  Takes me ages to sort the blocks till I'm happy with how they all look together.

Had a great weekend:  visited Elizabeth, Matt and ChaCha after work on Friday to wish Elizabeth happy birthday.  Birthday lunch on Saturday with most of the family - very windy at the beach.  The little ones had such a terrific time with each other.  Mum, Lynell and I had delicious pizza for dinner before going to see "Ladies in Black" - FABULOUS movie.  I really love Australian movies - they tell stories of our lives so well.

Yesterday I did a few household jobs, sewed, shopped, visited Karen - so another good day.

21 September 2018

Irish Chain Quilts

Looks like I've had a thing for Irish Chain quilts this year!

"Apple Pie" Charm Square Quilt
"Handmade" Double Irish Chain Quilt
"House" Irish Chain Quilt
"Apple Pie" Layer Cake Quilt

One more chain quilt will be finished early next year.  I chose "Summer Nights" designed by Bonnie Olaveson for the Aussie Bonnie & Camille Swap.  In December I will receive 11 of the star blocks from the other members.  I've made all the chain blocks

and extra star blocks to make the quilt a bit bigger.

This is going to be a lovely colourful quilt.

Apple Pie

This is the second "Apple Pie" quilt I've made in recent months.  The latest quilt is the layer cake size and is made with Bonnie and Camille's "Vintage Picnic" fabric - a fun range with the best shade of red.

I spent last night catching up on recorded tv shows and stitching down the binding.

The layer cake version (80" sq)  is about 10" larger all round than the charm square version.

The quilting design is called "Featheration".

Today is Elizabeth's birthday - I'm looking forward to seeing her tonight and all the family when we meet up for lunch tomorrow.  Always a lovely time when we're all together.

17 September 2018

Project Jelly Roll Day

I had no intention of starting another quilt but Saturday was Project Jelly Roll Day - I didn't have a jelly roll that I wanted to cut into yet so I cut my own fabric strips on Friday night to start Bonnie Olaveson's quilt "O Happy Day" - I've been thinking about making this quilt for a while, so this was a good excuse to start.

I've used fabrics from a few Bonnie and Camille ranges and the aqua is for the pieces around the Nine Patch central block.

The background is the pretty white-on-white from B&C's "The Good Life"

When I turned off the sewing machine last night I had made 8 of the 16 required blocks.  They are quite large at 18-1/2" unfinished.

Had a pretty quiet weekend - Saturday was very hot.

Karen quilted "Apple Pie" and it looks lovely - she'll bring it over tonight; so that's another to add to the binding pile.

Yesterday Mum and I went for a drive to Kiama (Mum her her favourite:  fish and chips for lunch) and through Jamberoo on the way home - been ages since I've been there and it's always lovely.

14 September 2018

Orange "Sugar Plums"

This quilt was cut out in June and put away for a couple of months.  The pattern was designed by Camille Roskelley, Thimble Blossoms, and I've used all fabrics from my stash to make it.

The quilting design is called "Pearl Swirls" and is really pretty - doesn't overwhelm the piecing.

I have three little quilts to bind over the next few nights -



Jacob's Ladder

These are all cot-sized and have been made in Me and My Sister fabrics.

Not sure what I'll be doing over the weekend - might make some more "Star Drops" blocks.

11 September 2018

100% Charming

Stitched the binding down on this quilt while watching tv on Sunday night.

I really enjoyed making 100% Charming - lots of lovely Bonnie and Camille fabrics from so many of their ranges and used up some other B and C fabrics for the borders - the pinks and red/pinks were used in the last quilt I finished.  The quilt was designed by Jedi Craft Girl - gotta love her business name.

The orange peel quilting by Quilting on the Coast looks wonderful - gives the quilt great texture.

I love B and C's cross stitch fabrics and they all work well as backings.

Karen quilted "Jacob's Ladder" yesterday - another one to add to the binding pile.

Over the weekend I started working on a new Thimble Blossoms' pattern "Hey Day".

It goes together very quickly.  I'm using Bonnie and Camille's "The Good Life" fabrics for this quilt and the background fabric is little pink and red hearts on white from the same range.

There are 9 large blocks with sashings between.

ChaCha enjoyed herself at the birthday party with her little cousins.  We visited the Illawarra Quilters' Show afterwards - some lovely quilts on display and some fun quilts.

Saturday afternoon Jenni and Kurt came to visit - they had been to their jeweller that morning the pick of the engagement ring.  It's stunning.

Kurt chose the opal because he knew Jenni would love the colours, the larger dark stone is a parti sapphire, the other is a green sapphire, the smaller diamond is champagne and the larger diamond along with the gold are my Mum's engagement ring.

07 September 2018

School Days Charm Quilt

I collected quite a few charm packs to make the "100% Charming" quilt and from those had loads of pink and red/pink charm squares leftover.  While having a look through the Moda Bakeshop website I came across "School Days Charm Quilt" and realised it would look lovely in red/pink with black and white pinwheels.

Last night I stitched down the binding.

The finished quilt is ~65" x 66".  One of my very favourite fabrics is on the outer border

and I love the backing fabric from Bonnie and Camille's "Vintage Holiday" range.  The orange peel quilting looks lovely (Quilting on the Coast).

Karen has been busy this week - 100% Charming

and Orange "Sugar Plums" are both quilted and waiting to be bound.

ChaCha is coming to stay tonight and tomorrow we are going to my great-niece's first birthday party - should be a fun time for all the little cousins.


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