17 July 2018

"Handmade" Double Irish Chain Quilt

This has been one of the quickest quilts I've made recently - from an idea I had in mid-June

to putting the final stitches in the binding last night.

It is made of  Bonnie and Camille's "Handmade" range of fabrics with Moda Bella Solid Ruby Ice for the chains and 97 for the background.  Especially love the pretty cross-stitch backing fabric.

 The quilting design is "Rainbow Hearts", a favourite at the moment.

16 July 2018

House Irish Chain Quilt

Lately I've had a thing for making Irish Chain quilts.  It all started when I decided I wanted to make a quilt with house blocks to use up some of the red/blue/tan fabrics I've had in my stash for quite a long time.  By the time I finish the fourth quilt early next year I will be done with Irish Chains for a while.

The house block was designed by Camille Roskelley (Thimble Blossoms) for her "Winterville" quilt and the chain block was designed by Fort Worth Fabric Studio.  When making the blocks I realised that I would need two more cream fabrics and they were the only fabrics I bought for the quilt top - was pretty pleased about that.

Finished stitching the binding down last night.  I bought the Pat Sloan fabric for the backing from Karen.

Karen quilted "Apple Pie" over the weekend - will pick it up this evening.  It's looking so pretty.

An on-line news site had a great article about the shop where Peta works:  https://www.broadsheet.com.au/sydney/art-and-design/article/redfern-terrace-where-film-industry-shops

A bit tired today after a big weekend.  On Saturday Lynell, Elizabeth, Tania and I went to the Opera House to see "Funny Girl" The Musical in Concert - it was so fabulously great!

And yesterday the family was in Bronte for Gulliver's third birthday party (except Jenni and Kurt who are on holidays in Hobart) - such a spectacular winter's day at the park and Gulli had the best time with his cousins and friends.

I made some blocks for "100% Charming" designed by Jedi Craft Girl.  Over the last few weeks I've been cutting charm squares the scrap fabrics to add to leftover squares from "Scrappy Crossroads" and charm square packs.  I know I'll really like this one - who wouldn't love a quilt designed by a Jedi?

The REALLY BIG news of the weekend:  my darling Jenni's sweetheart Kurt proposed and she said yes.

We are all thrilled to bits and tickled pink.

12 July 2018

Picking Up Quilts

Karen sent through a couple of photos of "Scrappy Crossroads" while it was being quilted.  Orange Peel is always a favourite quilting design.

And Handmade Irish Chain was quilted today - love the quilting on this one too.

As the quilts will be picked up tonight I wanted to have "Apple Pie" quilt top and backing finished to drop off.  The colours in "Strawberry Fields Revisited" and "Honeysweet" are so pretty with the "Butterscotch & Roses" pink for the Nine Patch joining blocks (which make it look like an Irish Chain).

There is enough of the pink to use for the binding when the quilting is done.

Fun weekend coming up - going with friends to the Opera House on Saturday to see "Funny Girl" with 11 singers performing the Fanny Bryce songs along with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and on Sunday will be going to Little Sweetheart Gulliver's third birthday party.

09 July 2018

As the girls were coming over for stitching on Saturday, I wanted to have Scrappy Crossroads together to give to Karen to quilt.  All the blocks were finished and sewn together by Thursday night

so all I had to do on Friday night was attach the borders

The borders are fabric off-cuts from backing used on a Christmas quilt last year.

and make up the backing - bought this fabric last week from Quiltsmith.

Also finished off July's swap block for the Aussie B&C group - "Norway".  The photo was taken at a funny angle - the block really is square ;)  The colours are as requested by this month's block recipient.  I think this will be the last "Norway" block I ever make. 

Little Sweetheart came for a sleepover on Saturday so she joined the girls for afternoon tea.  We had a busy Sunday morning - breakfast at the local cafe, some shopping and a play in the park, quick visit to GG and also visited a friend in hospital before lunch and then back home to Mumma and Daddu.

Have been working on "Apple Pie" blocks as well.  These are quick to put together and the FigTree  "Strawberry Fields Revisted" and "Honeysweet" fabrics are very pretty, especially with the "Butterscotch and Rose" pink that makes the chain blocks.

5 red blocks to make then another 28 nine-patch blocks and this quilt top can be assembled.  About time I stitched down some binding on the quilts Karen has quilted lately.

02 July 2018

Cutting Out

Karen and I had a day out in Sydney on Thursday.  She brought over the little blue cot quilt and the House Irish Chain quilt.

We visited a couple of patchwork shops and I stocked up on backings and a background fabric for some quilts I have planned.  Some other fabric arrived in the post that day too and there was some shopping from Karen's cupboard.

I've cut out a few quilts, so have a crateful of sewing ready to go.

"Summertime" designed by Susan Ache in FigTree's "Coney Island" fabric - I've had this jelly roll for a long time.  Love the colours.

"Star Drops" designed by The Pattern Basket - very scrappy FigTree fabrics with a pretty star fabric for the background.

Another "Nine Patch Waltz" in FigTree's "Mill House Inn" fabric will be started soon - not cut out just yet.  A couple of friends will be making this one too.

My FigTree crate is about half full, so the stash is diminishing.

On Saturday, Mum, Michael, Gulli and I visited Rozelle Markets - Jenni and Kurt had a stall there selling handmade earrings and woollen weavings.  Jenni's been very busy over the last few months.  A beautiful, sunny winter's day to be outside.

Yesterday was a day at home cooking and sewing plus a visit from Elizabeth, Matt and ChaCha.  I added borders to the Handmade Irish Chain quilt.  Was a bit disappointed that the design isn't printed exactly on the straight grain of the fabric but it all worked out ok.

The backing is sewn together - it's a pretty cross-stitch design from the Handmade range.

Will be working on Scrappy Crossroads this week - I have a couple more blocks sewn together

and stitching down bindings on the blue cot quilt and house/Irish chain quilt.

This cutie is 36 today!

25 June 2018

Last Week

The rest of the Irish Chain blocks were sewn last week for "Summer Nights" (my B&C Beehive quilt)

and some of the extra star blocks I will need - 4 to go.  This is going to be a very pretty quilt.  I'm due to receive 11 star blocks in December.

One of the blocks I've had to make for the Beehive is "Sugar Plum" and I thought this would work well for my orange fabrics - had quite a few large pieces leftover from two orange quilts I made a while ago.   Most of the cutting out is done (white background to go)

and I had to make one block to see what it looks like.

I have backing for this quilt, so I'm all set when I feel like make it.

Karen quilted the little blue cot quilt over the weekend.  The House/Irish Chain quilt will be on her frame today.

For the first time since about 1999 I didn't make it to the Sydney Quilt Show.  The main reason I was sad to miss it was because I wouldn't have the chance to catch up with some friends.  Saturday was pretty busy with house stuff and a visit from Jenni and Kurt. 

Saturday night I was in Sydney at the beautiful State Theatre to attend a concert with Tania (my boss), her sister and niece.  

Wow!  Ramin Karimloo was sensational.  Such a glorious voice.

Was back to Sydney yesterday to spend time with Michael, Peta and Gulli - always wonderful to be with them.  Had a fun time playing with Gulli.

Last night's sewing was finishing off the last of the flower blocks for the "Handmade" Irish Chain and then I could start sewing the blocks into rows and sewing the rows together.  There are two more rows to add then borders (when the fabric arrives).  I think a couple of blocks will be swapped around before this quilt top is finished.  It's looking so pretty - reminds me of Cath Kidston designs. 

19 June 2018

Irish Chain Quilts

Today my little Sweetheart is 3!  Such a glorious ride being his Nanna.

Posted off the block for June to Sarah last week in our B&C Beehive

and made a few blocks for the next few months (not ready to tackle July's block just yet and also waiting for some fabric to arrive).

August - "Fireworks"

September - "Fireworks"

October - "Swoon Sixteen"
November - "Sugar Plum"
It will be my turn to receive blocks in December - the star blocks from Bonnie Olaveson's "Summer Nights" quilt.  There are Irish Chain blocks to go between the stars and some have been made over the last few days -13 more to do.  These go together very quickly.

Saturday was a big day with Michael, Peta and Gulli moving to a new flat (and the movers not showing up till the next day).  Mum is always in the thick of any action:

While driving home on Saturday night I had an idea for another Irish Chain quilt using up some "Handmade" fabric in my Bonnie and Camille stash.  Of course I needed to buy more of the beautiful floral Handmade fabric from Karen because I decided to make the quilt larger.

The little blue cot quilt is together using the pinwheels made a couple of weeks ago:

and so is the House/Irish Chain quilt top:

These were dropped off to Karen last night for quilting when we had stitching and I picked up a special quilt to be bound and given away in the next few weeks.


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