19 May 2024

Recent Sewing

"Hello Sunshine" was cut out a few months ago and the top is mostly together.  I've been making one block per day and now need to add the borders (plain white).

All the blocks have been sewn for "Rainbow Connection"

and "Sweet Escape".

I cut out another "Jelly Girl" quilt - this one is scrappy in Figtree and Co fabrics

This quilt will be a birthday present for a dear friend later in the year.

"Jelly Girl" is on the way back from Karen

along with "Starlight".

I'm still sewing nine patches for the Tiny Nine Patch quilt and should start sewing some of those finished blocks in to quilt tops but I feel like starting something new.


Chookyblue...... said...

a lovely round up of projects on the go.............

dq said...

Hello Sunshine and Sweet Escape are so pretty!! Thank you for sharing with us.


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